How Can a Rock Star Candidate Become a Bad Hire?

Hiring smarter! Behavioural Profile Assessments can reduce bad hires.

Have you ever wondered why the person you just hired that seemed so good at the interview now you can't wait to get rid of them?

Have you ever wondered what the people that are working with that person are feeling?

What if there was a way to eliminate those feelings!

What if there was a way to help ensure that your hiring process works efficiently and effectively so as to ensure that you're getting the right people in the right positions.

Do not hire for their skills alone, but also for their ability to fit into the culture of your company and the rest of the workplace already in place.

Bad hires are business killers! They destroy the culture and they ruin the morale of the business and they're just generally draining!

If you don't look forward to coming to work because you may have to engage with that person who you don't understand why they were hired for imagine what the people have to work beside them are feeling

Successful hiring looks beyond skill sets.

There is no need for the wishing and hoping method of recruiting.

Good employees are obviously a cornerstone of any successful business good employees also help establish sustainability in a business.

You need to think of employees as an investment not an expense and as with every investment there needs to be a measurable return on that investment.

This is where Behavioural Assessment Profiling comes into play.

You probably wouldn't make an investment into the stock market or buy something if you haven't researched it fully. Proper hiring, which needs to be a cornerstone of any successful and sustainable company, should not be thought of as impulse buying. There does need to be confirmation not just of their skill sets, education and experience, but who they are how and they will behave and interact and integrate into your company.

If you don't believe that why would your employees?

Ken Goldstein is a Certified Behavioural Analyst (CPBA). Along the way, Ken has owned and managed a retail business, acted as a director, general manager, a CEO and COO with responsibilities spanning operations management, and the human resource management of hundreds of employees.

His professional passion is all about people understanding themselves, their recruitment, retention, motivation, and training, management and positive safe working environments.

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