Workplace Culture In A Dental Practice Is A Practical Fuzzy Feeling


Next month, I will be giving a seminar on corporate culture, which is a subject typically not a lot of dental practices would be focusing their time and effort to think about it. I would argue that as our workforce is always changing as new people join the team and existing members retire or resign, we should pay attention to the culture of our business. Culture is the heart, the lifeline, the reason WHY people want to work at your dental practice.

I have a few offices that I work with that they would receive calls along the line:

"if you ever have an opening, please call me."

This is a sign that tells me they are doing everything right with their culture.

The first thing to consider when looking at your office culture is; what do I want it to look like when I walk into the office? Secondly, asses what does it look like currently, if I had an undercover patient? Thirdly, what changes do I need to make to get it to where it needs to be?

Creating a culture that employees want to be a part of is critical. Once you have a healthy, happy, and safe culture, you will see a change in your employees' performance, and their conduct. You can palpate the positivity if you were a patient, and people gravitate towards this kind of dental office. As well, employees will be happier at work, more engaged, motivated, demonstrate better teamwork, create less to no fires for you to put out, and, most importantly, care about your patients more.

When assessing your culture take a minute to look int the following areas:

  • Communication

  • Team engagement

  • Loyalty

  • Motivation

  • Stress Levels

  • Direction/Vision

  • Turnover

These are just a few areas to get you started thinking. Investing time, effort and money into your culture will pay off in dividends over time. However, in addition to the increased bottom line, your stress level will decrease, your happiness will increase, and you have not just a work you love (dentistry) but a workplace you love (your dental practice).

After all, we spend more time at work than at home, let's make it the best it can be.

Until next time!


Bianca Dornan

Founder/Coach | Practices Made Perfect

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